Sirocco Lighting Balloons

Industrial & Safety Lighting Solutions

Sirocco Lighting Balloons by Airstar (France) provide unparalleled glare-free industrial lighting for demanding night works or emergency situations.


Popular Lighting Balloon Models

Choose from small, medium & large lighting balloon according to the lighting coverage needed


  • Maximum lumens 6 150 lm

  • Open core lighting area 480m2

  • 1 x 60 w LED

  • Battery powered

Sirocco LED 50 000 LM

  • Maximum lumens 50 000 lm

  • Open core lighting area 3 000m2

  • 4 x 100 w LED


  • Maximum lumens 120 000 lm

  • Open core lighting area 6 000m2

  • 10 x 100 w LED


Rescue efforts with Sirocco Lighting Balloons


Sirocco Lighting Balloon for Rescue


Sirocco Lighting Balloon for Industry


About Us

Cool Merchant Connections Sdn Bhd is the Sole Agent for Sirocco lighting products in Malaysia since 2001.

We offer Sales & Rental options, we also provide full Maintenance & Repairs with Original Parts.

Dealer Enquiries Welcome!


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