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Sirocco Lighting Balloons

Industrial & Safety Lighting Solutions

Sirocco Lighting Balloons by Airstar (France) provide unparalleled glare-free industrial lighting for demanding night works or emergency situations.

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Sirocco Redtech series

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Recent  Incidents

Batang Kali landslide (Malaysia Dec 2022)

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Popular Lighting Balloon Models

Choose from small, medium & large lighting balloon according to the lighting coverage needed


Maximum lumens 7 500 lm

Open core lighting area 450m2

51 w LED

most compact


Maximum lumens 6 150 lm

Open core lighting area 480m2

60 w LED

battery powered


Maximum lumens 66 000 lm

Open core lighting area 3 216m2

500 w LED

most popular

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New LED Matrix system for Sirocco Redtech series

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Airstar Sirocco Redtech set-up

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Airstar Sirocco Pro-pack set-up

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Rescue efforts with Sirocco Lighting Balloons

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More rescue efforts

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Sirocco Lighting Balloon for Rescue

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Sirocco Lighting Balloon for Industry

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Beacon mode

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About US

Cool Merchant Connections Sdn Bhd was founded in 1996 with the ambition of bringing innovative products and solutions to the Malaysian market.

Our trading division covers several exclusive arrangements with global brands. We are proud to be exclusive agents for Airstar products since 2001.

Sirocco Lighting Balloons have been playing a very important role in providing unbeatable lighting for construction, industrial & safety purposes. We have been involved in delivering lighting solutions to many industries covering security, search and rescues, construction, events and many other more. We continue to push boundaries in delivering state of the art technology with our Sirocco Lighting to all industries in Malaysia.

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Light Emitting Diodes

Our rental division primarily operates in the events industry. Most of our solutions are catered towards creating unique brand awareness at events. We make full use of technological advances to bring events to life! 

Through extensive research we have sought out well known principals and manufacturers and have been “First in the market” for the following in Malaysia:

Airstar > Lighting Balloons

Lightspace > Interactive Dance Floors 

Fogscreen > Projection Screens you can walk through

Flygos > Sky branding

LED Furniture > Stools, benches, cocktail tables etc.

Bagjump > Adrenaline based activities

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Cool Merchant Connections Sdn Bhd


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